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November 10-12, 2020

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Nov 10, 11:00 AM EST– Stanley Access Technologies
Presenter: TBD

Topic: TBD

Nov 10, 12:00 PM EST– viisights
Presenter: Pat Aiello

Discover How AI-driven Behavioral Recognition Technology is Different from Other Video Analytics Technologies

Nov 10, 1:00 PM EST – Intel
Presenters: Gary Brown and Kasia Hanson

Deploy Cost Effective, Scalable, Video Analytics Solutions with Intel and Their Partners

Nov 10, 2:00 PM EST – Sielox
Presenter: Mark Evans

Extend your Security to Track High Value and Convenience Items

Nov 10, 3:00 PM EST – Boon Edam
Presenters: Zac Ellett and Brad Whaley

Securing the Facility: Best Practices for Integrating Access Control & Biometrics with Security Entrances

Nov 10, 4:00 PM EST – Viakoo
Presenters: David Nelson-Gal and John Gallagher

Cyber Hygiene of Physical Security Systems

Nov 11, 10:00 AM EST – ASIS
Presenters: Mike Gips, Mark Schreiber and William Phillips

The State of Security Convergence

Nov 11, 11:00 AM EST – Morse Watchmans
Presenters: Tim Purpura, James Byrd and Erik Antons

What is Key Control & How is it Used in Specific Industries [A Focus on the Hospitality and Education Markets]

Nov 11, 12:00 PM EST – Altronix
Presenter: Ronnie Pennington

Solving the Challenges of Enterprise Network Connectivity and Power

Nov 11, 1:00 PM EST – Dortronics
Presenter: Skip Burnham

Locking Devices for Access Control and Interlock Applications

Nov 11, 2:00 PM EST – Maxxess
Presenters: Nancy Islas and Zeshaan Ahmed

Enterprise Security in a 5G World

Nov 11, 3:00 PM EST – ISS
Presenter: Shawn Mather

Beyond COVID

Nov 11, 4:00 PM EST – TriTech
Presenter: Steve Guardiani

The Need to Establish Standard Operating Procedures

Nov 12, 11:00 AM EST– Invixium
Presenter: Shiraz Kapadia

The Future of Healthy Access Control: Featuring Face Recognition, Mask Detection and Elevated Body Temperature Screening

Nov 12, 12:00 PM EST– Mission 500
Presenter: Janet Fenner

Networking the Security Industry in Today’s New Normal

Nov 12, 1:00 PM EST – Panasonic i-PRO
Presenter: Joey Friddell

What’s New at i-PRO

Nov 12, 2:00 PM EST – AssetTrack
Presenter: Nick Hoffman

Asset Tracking and Exit Prevention

Nov 12, 3:00 PM EST – DITEK
Presenter: Bill MacKenzie

Introduction to Surge Protection

Nov 12, 4:00 PM EST – Vector Flow
Presenter: Vik Ghai

Data-driven Intelligent Software to Reduce & Remediate False Positive Alarms in Your GSOC

On November 10-11-12th, leading security industry experts will present on the latest trends and solutions in a convenient short webinar format. Every session will start at the top of an hour for easy scheduling, last 40 minutes or less, and include time for Q&A. 

Learn about a wide array of disciplines across the security industry, from door control to management and control software solutions to the latest intelligent analytics and edge devices. And the best part, it’s FREE. Register now!