2020 Virtual Security Showcase™ Presenters

November 10-12, 2020

Virtual Security Showcase™ presenters represent a wide range of expertise and viewpoints within the security industry. They will be sharing the latest security technologies, products, strategies, and recommendations to help you protect people, facilities, operations, and reputations. These participating companies are the best of the best:


Vice President, Automatic Entrances of Wisconsin

Jay Walt

Nov 10 / 11:00AM EST

The Power of Touchless

Automatic doors have long been an effective solution in reducing the spread of germs in office, healthcare, retail and educational environments – and in today’s world, they are even more critical. Learn how the latest innovations in touchless automatic doors are keeping people safe and operations running smoothly.


VP, Business Development and Sales, Americas

Pat Aiello

Nov 10 / 12:00PM EST

Discover How AI-driven Behavioral Recognition Technology is Different from Other Video Analytics Technologies

Businesses and authorities are leaning on technology to keep areas safe from risks and threats. In order to manage these threats, large numbers of cameras are deployed. Their challenge is to highlight crucial events and actions within vast amount of video content, while deploying quick and effective analysis. viisights’ solutions provide automatic understanding of video content from surveillance cameras around a city. viisights technology is capable of processing and understanding large amounts of video in near real-time and offline, while providing intelligence, insights and alerts from a variety of actions, events and scenes of interest.


Director, Intel IOT Edge AI Group

Gary Brown

Nov 10 / 1:00PM EST

Other Presenter:
Kasia Hanson – Global Director, IOT Partner Sales

Deploy Cost Effective, Scalable, Video Analytics Solutions with Intel and Their Partners

AI is driving significant change and delivering value in many industries. It is estimated that by 2023, 43% share of AI data tasks will take place on edge devices. Intel is known for our silicon that powers your NVRs, servers and edge systems, but did you know that Intel is also powering deep learning-based analytics solutions from the edge to the cloud. Join us to discuss Intel based analytics solutions available today and how you can develop/deploy solutions on Intel for high performance and cost-effective Analytics and AI at the edge.


Executive Vice President

Mark Evans

Nov 10 / 2:00PM EST

Extend your Security to Track High Value and Convenience Items

Register yourself and your security team to learn about a cost-effective way to extend your access control to secure and create audit trails on high value and convenience items in lockers, cabinets, and drawers. Expand the reach of your access management with the added value of real-time solutions to help you manage your facilities during times with changes to everyday procedures, new traffic patterns, and requirements to monitor a variety of people and items.


Technology Specialist – Enterprise Accounts

Zac Ellett

Nov 10 / 3:00PM EST

Other Presenter:
Brad Whaley – Technology Specialist – Enterprise Accounts

Securing the Facility: Best Practices for Integrating Access Control & Biometrics with Security Entrances

Access control systems (ACS) have been integrated with swinging doors for decades. However, card readers and biometric devices mounted on swing doors are not effective at mitigating unauthorized entry. The best way to detect and prevent tailgating is to integrate ACS with security entrances.

Security entrances can accept any authentication device using dry contacts, but integration between the two does require planning and thought to be successful. During this webinar, our entry experts with 50 years of combined experience will discuss how integrating ACS with security entrances can not only effectively control access but yield more usable metrics.


Chief Product Officer

David Nelson-Gal

Nov 10 / 4:00PM EST

Other Presenter:
John Gallagher – VP Marketing

Cyber Hygiene of Physical Security Systems

Physical Security IoT devices (IP cameras/access control) are well known to vulnerable to cyber attacks (~1/3 of successful breaches come through physical security systems), and to defend against such attacks these devices must have effective cyber hygiene, including comprehensive firmware, password, and certificate management. This education session will highlight what is needed to maintain cyber hygiene of physical security systems, and how automation can be used to save time and money while reducing risk.



Mike Gips

Nov 11 / 10:00AM EST

Other Presenters:
Mark Schreiber – CPP
William Phillips – P.E.

The State of Security Convergence

The ASIS Foundation released a new study identifying and describing the relationship between cybersecurity, physical security, and business continuity functions in organizations and the extent to which the three functions work independently, two of the three are converged, or all three are completely converged. The study provides relevant benchmarks to compare strategies, plans, and operations and determine best practices for creating more effective and cost-efficient security and risk operations.

Following a review of this research, Michael Gips will moderate a discussion with industry leaders, Mark Schreiber and William Phillips, to discuss other facets of ASIS International’s work in advancing the security profession.​


VP Global Sales & Marketing

Tim Purpura

Nov 11 / 11:00AM EST

Other Presenter:
James Byrd – CPP, CEFP – Wake Forest University, Director Physical Security and Technology

What is Key Control & How is it Used in Specific Industries
[A Focus on the Hospitality and Education Markets]

A view of today’s technology and the importance of key control in the worlds of hospitality and education. This session will be a discussion and Q&A with two highly regarded practitioners in these markets. We will look at the hierarchy of keys in a university setting, the employee/key relationship in hotels as well as the cost, control and security in both.

Join us to understand how Morse Watchmans has played an integral role in creating a safe, efficient and secure environment in hotels and schools globally.


National Sales Executive

JR Andrews

Nov 11 / 12:00PM EST

Solving the Challenges of Enterprise Network Connectivity and Power

Learn how to power the latest IP devices, including new 802.bt PoE products – utilizing structured cable, fiber or composite cable.


A/E Sales Manager

Skip Burnham

Nov 11 / 1:00PM EST

Locking Devices for Access Control and Interlock Applications

Access control systems are used to limit entry into designated secure areas to certain personnel during predetermined time periods. During the course of this presentation we will review electrified door locking hardware and related components which interface with electronic access controllers to provide a complete security solution. We will also discuss Door Interlock Controllers, their applications (man traps, sallyports, air locks, etc.) and system design. And tie it in with hardware and access control.


Regional Director of Business Development

Zeshaan Ahmed

Nov 11 / 2:00PM EST

Enterprise Security in a 5G World

With the advent of 5G, Maxxess security will be offering secure connectivity worldwide at the highest possible speeds with ultra-low latency.

LOWER LATENCY – Enabling real-time security applications

HIGHER CAPACITY – More devices can be online at once

HIGHER SPEED – Data will move faster, exceeding 5 Gbps

5G is being rolled out as a series of waves and each wave is enabling several exciting new security-related applications, many of them will empower your people to be a part of security.


Director of Sales

Shawn Mather

Nov 11 / 3:00PM EST

Beyond COVID

ISS will present video analytic products that are both valuable during the COVID epidemic but also important for organizational efficiency after the COVID crisis is over. These technologies will provide higher levels of security while also increasing employee convenience and improving people throughput while entering high-volume buildings and parking areas.



Steve Guardiani

Nov 11 / 4:00PM EST

The Need to Establish Standard Operating Procedures

COVID-19 took the world by surprise, and highlighted the need for organizations to have crisis plans in place. Most firms do not have up-to-date plans, so now is the perfect time to update emergency procedures and plans to be ready when they are needed. In this session, we will cover the four primary components of crisis management planning to help every team in every market sector be better prepared.


CEO and President

Shiraz Kapadia

Nov 12 / 11:00AM EST

The Future of Healthy Access Control: Featuring Face Recognition, Mask Detection and Elevated Body Temperature Screening

Businesses are embracing masks and temperature checks at worksites to comply with COVID-19 regulations, but is there an intelligent, automated system that enterprises can confidently invest in? Now, the answer is a resounding yes. The Invixium solution combines touchless face recognition with modern features like elevated body temperature detection measured at the medial canthus (tear duct) and face recognition for masked workforces to support today’s security needs with room to scale for whatever the world needs next.


Board Member of Mission 500

Janet Fenner

Nov 12 / 12:00PM EST

Networking the Security Industry in Today’s New Normal

Mission 500 will be discussing all avenues companies and individuals can take in this newly formed landscape to network. What tactics can be created to generate communication and develop relationships. We will explore existing associations, groups and thought leaders and discuss what forums are right for who all the while as we network with one another. Join us in the discussion and let us introduce you to some new faces!


Sales Engineering Manager

Adam Ring

Nov 12 / 1:00PM EST

Why Panasonic i-PRO Cameras: i-PRO Extreme, U-Series, AI Cameras

Please join the Panasonic i-PRO team to hear more about i-PRO cameras, including the i-PRO Extreme, U-series, and AI cameras. We will discuss the various features and functions of each camera series, and how you can choose the best camera for your surveillance needs while maintaining the most cost-effective solution.


Technical Director

Nick Hoffman

Nov 12 / 2:00PM EST

Asset Tracking and Exit Prevention

Businesses are facing new challenges as COVID-19 continuity plans for tracking assets and keeping employees accountable had to be quickly implemented. Departments found themselves rushing to check out equipment to employees that are now working from home. AssetTrack can help you efficiently track those assets using RFID (Radio-Frequency ID) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to tag assets and create an audit trail. AssetTrack combines exit prevention and asset tracking into one implementable solution.


Field Service Engineer

Bill MacKenzie

Nov 12 / 3:00PM EST

Introduction to Surge Protection

This course is designed to give you an understanding of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), and how critical their use is on electronic security and life safety systems. Learn about the causes and effects of power surges, how SPDs work, how to determine the correct SPD for different applications, as well as installation and grounding rules. 


Vice President and CTO

Vik Ghai

Nov 12 / 4:00PM EST

Other Presenter:
Loren Hansen – CPP, CISSP

Data-driven Intelligent Software to Reduce & Remediate False Positive Alarms in Your GSOC

Vector Flow (VF) is pioneering industry’s FIRST data-driven physical security automation platform, utilizing deep AI and ML algorithms to extract intelligence out of raw machine data, logs and applications. One of VF’s application is False Alarm Reduction Manager whose context-aware AI monitors global physical security infrastructure to reduce False Alarms by over 80% over time. The application analyzes historical data and performs proactively remediation action on devices so that false alarms are curbed at the root, resulting in enormous cost savings and tighter corporate security.