2020 Virtual Security Showcase™ Archived Webinars


May 12 / 12:00PM EST

Touchless Biometrics – A Healthy Alternative for Security & Workforce Management

Presented by: Shiraz Kapadia – CEO and President

The need for touchless biometric solutions for access control and workforce management is the new reality, which builds a new business case for the deployment of face recognition technology. Mandates have been issued by governments, enterprises, business owners to cease the use of fingerprint, palm print and hand-key readers due to amplified concerns related to physical contact with these types of devices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Invixium is ready and well equipped to provide insight to security architects, project administrators and system integrators on the migration to touchless biometrics.​

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May 12 / 1:00PM EST

Streamlining Access Control Design and Enterprise Network Connectivity

Presented by: Ronnie Pennington – Director of Sales for the Americas

New ways to deploy scalable and cost-effective access control systems with network power management.
Also featuring new 802.3bt PoE solutions to support the latest high-powered network devices utilizing fiber cabling infrastructure to deploy power in remote locations.

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May 12 / 2:00PM EST

The Key to Closing the Biggest Gap in Physical Security: Unauthorized Entry

Presented by: JC Powell – Vice President of Sales

When an unauthorized person enters a facility the risk and liability skyrocket. Can a sophisticated biometric device ensure that doesn’t happen? Not alone it can’t!

We’ll discuss what it takes to truly get a lockdown on “who is in the building” by exploring what Technology is available today, and most importantly, some real limitations of that technology. The limitations are the key to planning and will indicate what you’ll need in terms of staff and resources to compensate. We’ll also explore the increased demand for “touchless” anti-tailgating security entry products” in this COVID-19 environment. Come and find out how you can “close the gap” and avoid expensive mistakes!

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May 12 / 3:00PM EST

Locking Devices for Access Control and Interlock Applications

Presented by: Skip Burnham – A/E Sales Manager

In this highly informative session we will review Electric Door Locking Hardware and related components which interface with access control systems. Additionally, we will discuss how Door Interlock Controllers are used in man traps, sally ports, airlocks and other applications.

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May 12 / 4:00PM EST

Exit Prevention and RFID

Presented by: Nick Hoffman – Technical Director

AssetTrack keeps sensitive assets from leaving your facility. Using RFID (Radio-Frequency ID) technology to tag assets, AssetTrack alerts security staff with LED lights and an audible siren when an asset has crossed the threshold of a secured employee entrance or exit. Ideal for Gaming, Corrections, Manufacturing, and Corporations, AssetTrack is an exit prevention solution that delivers outstanding ROI and is easy to implement.

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May 13 / 12:00PM EST

Cloud Concierge: Cloud Hosted Access Control and IP Intercom Solutions

Presented by: Lukas Le – Director of Cloud Services

Leverage the cloud for your next access control project and realize the many benefits – ease of use, reduce time and cost while gaining central management over the internet. Find out other technologies that can be incorporated such as intercoms and video.

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May 13 / 1:00PM EST

Key Control – The Operational and Financial Efficiencies

Presented by: Joe Granitto – Chief Operating Officer

A look at key control from the practical perspective. Why it matters operationally and how it can have a positive effect financially. This session will help you understand the value of the key and the need to secure the key to assure security and accountability. We will look at how the Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher systems can help in improving personnel productivity as well as how the management reporting will offer business intelligence to assist in overall operations.

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May 13 / 2:00PM EST

Panasonic i-PRO: NEW AI Cameras and Vehicle Capture Cameras

Presented by: Joey Friddell – Technical Training Lead

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions is pleased to share a preview of its upcoming AI camera Series. The new i-PRO AI Camera Series capitalizes on new developments in AI to run advanced analytics at the edge, further optimizing performance, system bandwidth and storage requirements.

The i-PRO AI Camera Series feature embedded analytics to detect suspicious changes in captured scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analyzed, and optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

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May 13 / 3:00PM EST

Maxxess InSite – Responding to Unplanned Events

Presented by: Nancy Islas – President

Imagine a critical event happens at your facility. An active shooter, a natural disaster, or even the current pandemic. How well is your organization coordinated to respond to UNEXPECTED EVENTS?

Maxxess will demonstrate how InSite enables an organization to better manage and respond to unplanned events quickly and efficiently.

With InSite, when an event takes place, all security systems are synchronized, the right personnel are notified, all stakeholders are informed, and all systems automatically enact the correct action plan.

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May 13 / 4:00PM EST

Multi-Spectral Visible + Thermal Radiometric Camera Technology with Edge-based AI

Presented by: Raul Calderon – President, COO, Co-Founder

Security teams need more than raw sensor data – they need actionable intelligence. iryx develops and manufactures innovative devices that observe, analyze and provide actionable intelligence for public and private spaces.

Join this session to see how the iryx platform uses sensor fusion and edge-based AI to provide multi-spectral imaging and multi-sensor occupancy detection. iryx solutions include person and vehicle detection and classification, liveliness detection, elevated body temperature detection, and region of interest temperature detection.

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May 14 / 12:00PM EST

Preparing For a Safe Return To Work: Providing Temperature Scanning with Facial Recognition

Presented by: Shawn Mather – Director of Sales

ISS will release a comprehensive solution in May designed to help corporations get their employees back to work in the coming months and keep them safe from On-The-Job COVID-19 transmission. This includes skin temperature monitoring, face mask detection, and integration to Access Control to ensure non-compliant employees are prevented from entering the building.

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May 14 / 1:00PM EST

How a Layered Security Approach Works Best to Limit Vulnerabilities and Improve Overall Safety and Security

Presented by: Karen Evans – CEO and President

Understand how access control, emergency notification, and wireless lock solutions can be seamlessly integrated to provide precise layered security systems needed to best meet specific safety, security and compliance requirements. Cost effective and scalable as funds permit, layered security provides real-time communications triggering physical facility lockdown in seconds.

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May 14 / 2:00PM EST

Introduction to Surge Protection

Presented by: Chris Ralston – Regional Account Manager

This course is designed to give you an understanding of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), and how critical their use is on electronic security and life safety systems. Learn about the causes and effects of power surges, how SPDs work, how to determine the correct SPD for different applications, as well as installation and grounding rules.

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May 14 / 3:00PM EST

Operating Remotely – Contactless Physical Security Maintenance and Management

Presented by: John Gallagher – Vice President of Marketing

Organizations for health, safety, and legal risks are minimizing having technicians come onsite, especially for routine maintenance and checking of systems. To be successful the methods used must also reduce cost, improve efficiency, and demonstrate clear ROI. This session will focus on what is needed to establish a digital connection, the information needed to assess physical security systems, and how many parts of routine physical security maintenance can be performed remotely including sustainable cyber hygiene.

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Captis Intelligence Suspect Identification Solutions

Captis Intelligence Suspect Identification Solutions

Presented by: Kirk Brown – VP of Business Development

Captis Intelligence offers a multi-layered solution to investigate and quickly identify subjects involved in criminal activity. Utilizing the Captis Intelligence I-4 platform’s ODSI (On Demand Suspect Identification), ASI (Automatic Suspects Identification) to access the exclusive Captis database of over 30 million criminals. As a second layer of identification users can submit incidents of criminal activities to Solveacrime.com to deter crime and identify subjects.

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